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Updated on July 6th, 2014
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To get a better understanding of what this true story is about it is best to visit the "Media Articles" and the "Documents" section first, while navigating this website.

While we have several local construction companies ready to assist us in razing Mom's home, we still need funding in order to accomplish this. We are currently contacting local building suppliers seeking donations. If you would like to donate and help this cause please see donate button below. We will be updating our website with a complete material list and estimated costs of completing this project.

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Dear Readers, Supporters, and Friends - Please Call These Companies and Let Them Know How You Feel.

Haffner's Service Stations Inc - 2 International Way - Lawrence, MA
Joanne (Dole) Fournier - President
David Fournier - Vice President
Corporate office telephone 1-(978) 683-2771

Acadia Insurance Co. - 23 Commerce Drive - Bedford, NH
William R. Berkley * Chairman and CEO
Leo Perreault - Director of Claims for Acadia's New Hampshire and Vermont casualty units.
Corporate office telephone 1-(800) 773-4300

Enpro Services Inc. - 12 Mulliken Way - Newburyport MA
Principals: David Cowie, COO
Bruce Irving III, CEO
Dr. Geoffrey Brown, Vice president
Corporate office telephone 1-(978) 465-1595

Ambrose Environmental Management Inc. - 5 Cherry Hill Drive Suite L100 - Danvers, MA
TOM WIGGLESWORTH, Field services
Corporate office telephone (978) 646-8825

Haffner's, The Next Fred Fuller!

Message to the executives of 4 companies involved with this oil spill and clean up disaster! ☞ Haffner's Service Stations Inc., ACADIA Insurance Company, AMBROSE Environmental Management Inc. and ENPRO Services Inc.

Q: What would You Do if this Happened to Your Mom?
When you are ready to discuss "Making it Right", you just let us know.
We believe you all made mistakes...we all do...own up to them!
Regain the trust and loyalty of your customers and the integrity of your company names.
And come out on top as good companies that do the right thing when they make mistakes!
Q: Does your company what to be forever known as that company?
This woman did absolutely nothing to deserve what happened to her as a result of this Oil Spill!!
Do the right thing and make America & the people around the world and your own mom's proud!
In return, we will immediately cease this Boycott Campaign against your companies and remove all the negative materials from the world wide web and replace them with positive and put an end to this!
The door is currently open. You Decide! Make the call or we can go another 7 more years Boycotting your companies!

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For Inquiries Please Call The Campaign Hotline: 1 - (603) 247-3867 or Call Mom's Home 1 - (603) 912-5269

Please Donate Today and Be a Part of This Great Cause and Make a Difference!


"If Everyone That Visits This Website Donates $10.00 We Could Help Mom Get Home"

"Another Way To Contribute To This Cause, Is To Help Spread The Word On Your Social Media Websites, and Tell Your Friends That Mom Needs Your Help!"

We Are Currently Trying To Get Mom On The Ellen Degeneres Show To Help With This Cause.

Please Copy Mom's Information Below and Paste It Onto Ellen's Page
Suzanne Demers
21 Martin Avenue
Salem, New Hampshire 03079

Ellen's Page

"Ellen Makes Things Happen!"

Latest News Articles

The Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan, March 1, 2014

"The Valley Patriot - February 2014 Edition

"The Salem Patch - January 23rd 2014

"Salem Community Television Channel 17
Oil Spill Interview - January 17th 2014

There are many more Important Documents that we will be uploading shortly to Documents Section Please Be Patient, We Have Been Working Diligently Uploading the Documents in Their Chronological Order So That This Story Can Be Told Correctly... We Will Be Adding New Pictures, Videos, Documents, and Information Daily To This Site!

We are working on upgrading certain sections of this website including re-constructing the video sections to make this site more navigatable for you, please be patient during this process.

Not only was Mom displaced from her home after the oil spill, but she was allowed by the contractors' to enter this home during the course of this lengthy cleanup and told on multiple occasions that the cleanup was complete and it was safe to enter her home…It wasn't, Mrs. Demers became very sick from these harmful chemicals that were present in the Indoor Air of the Home. She went to the doctors and was prescribed medicine for headaches, dizziness, nausia, and lung infections.

these are symptoms of exposure to the elevated levels of #2 Fuel oil vapors that were in the air.
to support this, We will be uploading Her medical records and indoor air quality tests that were performed during the cleanup.

Summary of Indoor Air Quality Results Just Added To Documents Section

As a result of this oilspill, Mom is now in the process of filing for bankruptcy and has lost her entire life's savings.



"December 3rd Letter to Town of Salem ZBA"

For More Town of Salem Documents and Videos Go To "Documents Section"


(made before the show was discontinued)

Videos Of:
"Environmental Workers Caught on Film"
"Click Here"

Left in Over $200,000 Debt and Home is Still Unlivable After Cleanup
She Waited Nearly 5 Years For The Justice System to Work, But We Believe It Failed Her.

"We believe that mom was wronged by these big companies. Let's show these companies what's right and what's wrong."

You Decide
Let's Raze Mom's Home...

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In Loving Memory of John Denver
(December 31, 1943 – October 12, 1997)
American Singer/Songwriter, Activist, Humanitarian,
and Protector of the Environment.

"Country Roads"

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Environmental Objectives The overall environmental goal, arising from an environmental policy, that an organization sets itself to achieve, and which is quantified where practical. Environmental Performance Measurable results (see environmental performance indicators/index) of an environmental management system, related to the control of its environmental aspects. Assessment of environmental performance is based on environmental policy, environmental objectives and environmental targets. Environmental Performance Index A parameter describing environmental impact with a single figure. An index is usually calculated by weighting the actual impact level against a target level. Also see valuation. Environmental Performance Indicators Different parameters describing the potential impact of activities, products or services on the environment. These parameters are the result of characterizing classified environmental interventions/environmental aspects. Environmental Policy A statement by an organization of its intentions and principles in relation to its overall environmental performance. Environmental policy provides a framework for action and for the setting of its environmental objectives and target. Environmental Problem An environmental problem is a description of a known process within the environment or a state of the environment which has adverse effects on the sustainability of the environment including society. They include resource consumption and environmental impacts. See also environmental effects, environmental aspects. Environmental Regulation Register A list of regulations regarding environmental aspects of an organization. Also see environmental effects register and environmental inventory. Environmental Release See environmental interventions. Environmental Target A detailed performance requirement, quantified where practical, applicable to the organization or parts or combination thereof, that arises from environmental objectives and that must be set and met in order to achieve those environmental objectives. Environmental Strategy A plan of action intended to accomplish a specific environmental objective. Interested Party Individuals or groups concerned with or affected by the environmental performance of an organization. Interested groups include those exercising statutory environmental control over an organization, local residents, an organization's investors, insurers, employees, customers and consumers, environmental interest groups and the general public. Open-loop Recycling A recycling system in which a particular mass of material (possible after upgrading) is remanufactured into the same product (e.g. glass bottles into glass bottles). See also open-loop recycling. Organization A company, corporation, firm, enterprise or institution, or part or combination thereof, whether incorporated or not, public or private, that has its own functions and administration. For organizations with more than one operating unit, a single operating unit may be defined as an organization. Pollution Residual discharges of emissions to the air or water following application of emission control devices (EPA 1993b). See also environmental release and environmental intervention. Primary Product The product or service which is the strategic focus of an organization. See also by-product and co-product. Prevention of Pollution The use of processes, practices, methods or products that avoid, reduce or control pollution. These may include reycling, treatment, process changes, control mechanisms, efficient use of resources and material substitution. Recycling The process of re-using material for the production of new goods or services on the same quality level. If the quality of the goods and services produced with recycled material is lower, then the process is known as downcycling. See also close-loop recycling and open-loop recycling. Registration The procedure by which an organization indicates relevant characteristics of a product, process or service, or particulars of an organization or person, and then includes or registers the product, process, or service in an appropriate publicly available list. See also certification. Resources Materials found in the environment that can be extracted from the environment in an economic process. There are abiotic resources (non-renewable) and biotic resources (renewable). Reuse The additional use of a component, part, or product after it has been removed from a clearly defined service cycle. Reuse does not include reformation. However, cleaning, repair, or refurbishing may be done between uses. Solid Waste Solid products or materials disposed of in landfills, incinerated or composted. See also waste. System A collection of operations that perform a desired function. Valuation The process of weighting characterized environmental interventions against each other in a quantitative and/or qualitative way. This process results in an environmental performance index. Verification Activities All inspection, test and monitoring work related to environmental management. Waste An output with no marketable value that is discharged to the environment. Normally the term "waste" refers to solid or liquid materials. Waterborne Waste Discharge to water of pollutants. Architects and Designers Burnell Johnson Architects, 80 Stark St Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 625-5098 P H Design Architects, 122 Mooar Hill Rd Hollis, NH 03049 (603) 465-9090 Tennant Wallace Architects, 83 Amherst St Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 669-5855 General Contractors Bosinger Construction, 125 Bedford Center Rd Bedford, NH 03110 (603) 471-1922 Erickson Construction Company Inc, 38 David Dr Hudson, NH 03051 (603) 889-0098 Maplehurst Construction LLC, 26 Mckenna Dr Nashua, NH 03062 (603) 888-8455 Portable Toilets Portable Privies Inc, 54 Johnson Corner Rd Lyndeborough, NH 03082 (603) 654-2001 United Site Services Manchester, NH 03101 (800) 442-1286 Dumpsters and Construction Clean-up Waste Management, Rt 202 Peterborough, NH 03458 (800) 640-6215 Surveyors Holden Engineering & Surveying, 9 Constitution Dr Bedford, NH 03110 (603) 472-2078 Monadnock Survey Inc, 2 S Main St Mont Vernon, NH 03057 (603) 654-2345 Sandford Surveying & Engineering, 326 Chestnut Hill Rd New Boston, NH 03070 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The Demers Family is once more pleased to provide you with the following information and report from Accolade Environmental Contracting Corp. [Accolade] I have also attached photographic images concerning the work progress at our home on 21 Martin Ave., Salem NH. Although, Accolade estimated preparation to the basement ceiling would take a crew of 3 and working supervisor 2.5 days or 10 man days, this work took me 14 man days to complete, [from October 2, 2013 thru October 16, 2013] - due to the presence of large amounts of dust in between each individual floor board of the entire basement ceiling, each floorboard and joist of the ceiling had to be blown off to clear of all dust and wire brushed to remove remnants of insulation adhering, staples and pieces of fiberglass paper backing removed from the entire basement ceiling. In addition, as part of the basement preparation all metal studs were removed from the north end basement bedroom wall and window frames and the rear basement entryway was also thoroughly prepped, which was not included in [Accolade] estimate. [Please see Attached Images] October 15, 2013 Beeley Heating and Cooling Co. returned to the home after it was discovered an additional pipe was leaking in the basement and needed to be repaired. He checked the kitchen faucet that was not working and it was determined that the faucet itself needed to be replaced. October 15, 2013 thru October 18, 2013 we constructed and painted trailer to haul additional building debris to dump and to pick up materials as needed. On October 18, 2013 Mr. Dan Burris of Derry, NH was called to our home to help with the heating system, after we noticed that the heat was not working in the basement. He had checked the heating system and determined that basement radiators needed to be further purged. He then also removed damaged kitchen faucet and discovered hot water line needed to be replaced. Page 2 of 4 We purchased a new kitchen faucet and hot water line and it was replaced it on October 20, 2013. We have also purchased insulation to be replaced around the perimeter basement wall ledge. Accolade Environmental personnel arrived at the site on October 23, 2013 to complete first of the last two steps of mold remediation, an application of mold fungicide, then returned on October 25, 2013 to complete the final step, the application of encapsulate was applied to basement ceiling and all wood surfaces that remained after the demolition. [Please see attached Accolade Mold Remediation – [Certificate of Completion Report] On October 25, 2013 the Rag Man of Salem, NH came to home for a heating oil delivery. After the fill up the furnace shut off and could not be turned back on. In the evening on October 25, 2013 Mr. Burris was called to our home again to assist with the furnace. It was discovered that a wire had become loose and was repaired and the heat was restored to the home. In addition, the he tested the Triple Aqua-stat Relay on the furnace and it was malfunctioning and the part needed to be ordered and replaced. On October 26, 2013 thru October 29, 2013 I began prepping the upstairs bedroom floor that was destroyed during the freeze up of the home in 2008 during the lengthy oil spill cleanup one year later. I removed the plastic sheathing that was placed to keep the fuel odors from the basement from entering the upstairs and applied "Shock Wave" to the surface of the wood planks remaining. Then I sanded the entire floor, to remove the visible mold from the surfaces using a hepa vacuum and then coated area with mold resistant encapsulate. This floor and sub floor will need to be replaced prior to moving back into the home. On October 29, 2013 The Salem building inspector, Mr. Mike DiBartolomeo inspected the demolition work in the basement of the home and has informed us that some electrical wiring needs to be remounted and /or be either disconnected prior to moving into the home. We will get necessary electrical permit and a licensed electrician to perform this work. On October 30, 2013 Beeley Heating and Cooling Co. returned to the home to investigate problem with the furnace shutting down and not operating properly and after his inspection he concluded the upstairs thermostat needed to be replaced. On October 30, 2013 thru November 2, 2013 I began priming all components to the exterior oil tank enclosure that we purchased last month. Due to the recent cold weather we are finishing this work inside the home. Page 3 of 4 On November 2, 2013 we began constructing the enclosure and will have it completed within a week. Once it is completed we will have the Salem Fire Marshall inspect and sign off. I will then reinstall insulation that was removed from along the perimeter of the basement ceiling, to avoid the heat from escaping the home from the basement this coming winter season. Then, as explained in prior letters and at last month's meeting begin installation of the temporary sub slab soil venting system and vapor barrier to eliminate the fuel odors from entering the living space of the home and as recommended by the NHDES in letter dated January 8, 2008. This system will be installed according to estimated time frame outlined in the proposal from Basement Systems of New Hampshire [BSNH] provided to the [Board] in October, 2013.This work will be completed by the next ZBA meeting in December 2013. Again, I believe we have clearly demonstrated to the [Board] that we have been working very hard since we were able to begin this work in late April of 2013. In short, to date the entire basement has been totally gutted and the entire home has received an application of Fiberlock brand "ShockWave" [a fungicide, virucide, cleaner and disinfectant] the entire basement ceiling has been encapsulated with Fiberlock Brand 6100 IAQ Mold Resistant Coating. The home is now completely remediated of all mold spores visible mold growth. [Please see Accolade Certificate of Completion] The heating system, water pipes and kitchen sink have all been repaired and everything is functioning properly. The only remaining odors in the home are Haffner's #2 Fuel Oil in the breezeway entryway and in the basement of the home, which have historically over the years have increased and decreased in intensity each time there is a heavy rain and changes in atmospheric conditions and this has been noted by dozens of people who have visited the home in the past and as recent as last week, since the supposed NHDES State Standard Cleanup, which is the longest Residential Oil Spill Cleanup in the State of New Hampshire. I also would add, although, some may believe because of a piece of paper from the NHDES says that this home is safe, clean and livable. It is what it is. It is a piece of paper that says your property is contaminated and will smell of oil as long as they are within the NH State Oil Remediation Standard. As for the indoor air quality of the home and the August 3, 2012 letter from NHDES saying they have met all requirements. They may have met the soil NHDES minimum remediation standards for soil below the home. But having a high water table has had an effect on the indoor air quality in the home given the level of contaminates that were left Page 4 of 4 behind within the NHDES Soil Standards. Additionally, there was never a follow up indoor air quality test of the home since the April 2008 testing of the home. After the 2007 Oil Spill at our home it not only remains with the smell of Haffner's Oil and it is our opinion reeks of the smell of one big attempted cover up that "Responsible party and companies involved got away with it. On another note, the above described work scope should be completed by the next ZBA meeting give or take a couple days. Once the venting system and vapor barrier are installed in the home, I will have to then replace the upstairs bedroom sub floor and floor. In order to meet the December 31, 2013 deadline we may not have time to refinish all the rooms but as long as the risk of oil vapors entering the home are eliminated. We will have to refinish these rooms as we can afford. We still have to move furniture into home and have to purchase bedding that was destroyed due to the oil spill. Once this work is completed we will be able to remove the mobile home from the property and safely return living in the home. Again, we thank you, for allowing us this time, to get the necessary work completed so we can begin to put our lives back together and making our way back to our home. Sincerely, Michael Demers On behalf of Suzanne Demers Suzanne Demers Page 1 of 4 21 Martin Ave. Salem, NH 03079 December 3, 2013 Salem Town Hall 33 Geremonty Drive Salem, NH 03079 Dear Mr. Chairman Azarian and Members of the Town of Salem, Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Demers Family is once more pleased to provide you with the following information and reports from Berube & Sons Electrical and letter from Attorney Robert Thomas [Bankruptcy Attorney] and photographic images concerning the work progress at our home on 21 Martin Ave., Salem NH. November 6, 2013 we continued with constructing of the enclosure surrounding the exterior [AST] Above Ground Storage Tank. Although, I had estimated that to complete the work it would take an additional 7 man days and would have it completed within a week. This work took 16 Man days to finish from November 6, 2013 until November 22, 2013. [Please see attached images] First, a form was constructed and placed in between the home and the enclosure and filled with cement. A box had to be built around it to enclose and protect the oil tank fuel line leading from oil tank and into the home. This was requested by the Salem Fire Robert Martin Inspector during prior inspection. [Please see attached images] This work included priming and painting all studs, joists and plywood and moldings. Due to cold weather most of these components were required to be refinished inside the home. Mr. Troisi and I worked on this project day and night in the cold, until project was completed. Salem Fire Inspector inspected oil tank enclosure on November 21, 2013 and now requires venting and fill piping is installed outside the enclosure, although there Page 2 of 4 are 5 vents surrounding the enclosure. Building code requires the vent and piping be installed on the outside of the enclosure. The ragman is scheduled to come the first week of December to perform this work. We will then have re inspected and have it signed off by the Salem fire department. November 22, 2013 the work area around enclosure was cleaned and a trailer filled with building debris that is to be brought to town dump. I then dug and leveled the ground surface surrounding the oil tank enclosure and laid down 39 2x2 patio stones. I had also replace cinder blocks and place patio stones to both the rear basement entryway and rear breezeway entryway. [Please see attached images] Mr. Berube on November 26, 2013 came to our home to estimate the electrical repairs in the basement and we will get necessary electrical permit to do the work. [Please see attached report] This work will be completed according to his schedule and the timeframes provided in his proposal and as we can afford. The upstairs floors that were refinished with polyurethane coating include the family room, northeast bedroom, dining room, and hallway. The northwest bedroom that was water damaged during the oil spill cleanup had been previously sanded and encapsulated. This floor was covered with roofing paper as a water/vapor barrier below the subflooring. [We have not replaced this subfloor and flooring yet in this upstairs bedroom.] On November 24 2013 thru November 27, 2013 I cut and reinstalled insulation that was removed from along the perimeter of the basement ceiling, to avoid the heat from escaping the home from the basement this coming winter season. On December 1, 2013 three friends helped to remove furniture from the basement of the home and move boxes and furniture around in the rooms in the upper level of the home. The only things that remain in the basement are furnace, toilet, shower, sink and washer and dryer. Page 3 of 4 I would also add, and point out to the [BOARD] that on November 29, 2013 thru December 1, 2013 we had heavy rains and again reiterate that this home's basement is not safe, clean or livable at this time. The three workers that were at the home on December 1, 2013 to help move furniture all noticed the smell of oil immediately when entered the breezeway of the home and the basement of the home. Similarly, Accolade Environmental Contracting Corp.[Accolade] noted and wrote in his Mold Certificate of Completion report. Just like the countless others who have visited the home in the past and recent visitors to the home have and just like when all the windows of the home were open and it you could smell oil outside the home during an airing of the home in April of this year. On another note, I have been working extremely hard to make the strict December 31, 2013 town deadline [Although we had asked for 9 months extension] The work which includes getting contractors and proposals for work to be performed, providing photographic images and getting this work completed, pulling necessary work permits and then submitting this information to the [BOARD]. For the past seven months since the June 4, 2013 ZBA meeting, I believe once again that we have clearly demonstrated to the [Board] that we have been working very hard and getting things done since we were able to begin this work in late April of 2013. December 2, 2013 we purchased the vent and piping needed to begin the installation of the temporary soil vent extraction system in the home. To eliminate the risk of fuel vapors from entering the living space of the home, until we can afford to replace this foundation and place a vapor barrier and permanent soil gas venting system below the home. [And as Recommended by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services dated January 8, 2008] December 3, 2013 Mrs. Demers spoke with the town manager's office regarding a request for a waiver for electrical permit and she was told that the authority to Page 4 of 4 waive fees is with the board of selectmen. I am going to send out a letter request for such waiver to the Board of Selectmen this week. We are doing our best to complete work before the December 31, 2013 deadline. Unfortunately, with the added expenses of paying electrician we may be forced to move in the home without the electrical work completed. Again, this has been and extremely emotional, difficult and life changing experience for us. Again, we thank you, for allowing us this time, to get the necessary work completed so we can begin to put our lives back together and making our way back to our home. Sincerely, Michael Demers On behalf of Suzanne Demers ♪♡♥ ★・゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜★ December 8, 2013 ★。。・゜♪♡♥・゜ ★★・・゜☆゜・゜★ ♪♡♥ Mom goes Bankrupt...Home still reeks of Haffners Oil! AMERICA FOR MOM Kicks off "2014 Boycott Campaign" Below are the companies that displaced, bankrupt and ruined this grandmother's home! These are the companies that are Responsible for this Oil Spill and Cleanup Disaster! 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Lynch Boulevard Marlborough, MA 01752-4710 ; Manchester, NH ;301 Plainfield Road Suite 250 Syracuse, NY; 118 Tilley Drive, Suite 201South Burlington, VT 500 Enterprise Drive, Suite 4CRocky Hill, CT 06067 Acadia Insurance Company, Boston, Ma, New York Syracuse Branch301 Plainfield Road, Ste 250Syracuse, NY 13212315-457-3757 or 866-811-7722 Albany Branch 20 Corporate Woods Blvd, Ste 304 Albany, NY 12211 ;Valhalla Branch200 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 240 Valhalla, NY 10595 Connecticut 500 Enterprise Drive, Suite 4CRocky Hill, CT 06067860-331-2400 Vermont 118 Tilley Drive, Suite 201South Burlington, VT 05407802-658-0958 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENPRO SERVICES INC. "2014 BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN" ENPRO , ENPRO SERVICES INC. 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